10 Most Recently SOLD Name NFT’s Decentraland

2 min readApr 2, 2021


Here we go again. I have had enormous amount of people contacting me lately all wanting to learn about Decentraland. Because of this I forgot to write these blogs.

Name NFT’s are finally getting the attention they deserve. If you follow my tweets I mentioned how the .dcl.eth subdomains can be added using the ENS Domains https://app.ens.domains/

Unlimited subdomain can be added to all Decentraland Name NFT’s. For example I was able to add surprise to kinder.dcl.eth name which now reads surprise.kinder.dcl.eth. DCL subdomains are not NFT’s yet and we don’t know how they can be utilised in-game. Perhaps the team has some tricks up their sleeves :) Stay tuned…

Since a name can only be claimed/registered once this makes Name NFT’s very rare and stand out from the rest of the NFT’s.

Most Recently Sold 10 Name NFT’s

1- MichaelSaylor

Sold for 1.88 ETH

American entrepreneur

2- Rene

Sold for 800 USDC ($800 USD)

Common French Name

3- iPhone12

Sold for 0.05 ETH

Apple’s latest iPhone

4- Cryptoconomy

Sold for 288 Mana

Cryptoconomy, Crypto Economy


Sold for 0.2 ETH

Famous Artist XCOPY and Computer command

6- Talented

Sold for 0.13 ETH

Generic Name, Someone with Talent

7- Autist

Sold for 0.15 ETH

Someone with Autism or Close call Artist ? No one will know

8- BobMarley

Sold for 3000 Mana

Jamaican Singer, Reggae, Legend. (if you don’t know your not from this planet :-)

9- NovakDjokovic

Sold for 0.115 ETH

Serbian Pro Tennis player. World ranking #1

10- 123

Sold for 6.5 ETH

Numbers 123 easy to remember and Angel number

I hope you learned something today.






For the love of Decentralization.